Meet Maika Makovski: Desert Chanteuse

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Raíces: Macedonian-blooded and from Sevilla, Andalucía, España
Sounds like: Feist meets Ennio Moriccone
You should listen to Maika Makovski because…she writes the perfect soundtracks to slow, sunny afternoons.


A theatrical thread runs through Maika Makovski’s entire life and all that she does. The multi-talented 28-year-old singer, songwriter, actress and visual artist made a name for herself as a dynamic nightingale and performer with her signature narrative-driven songs ripe with sexy-tough vocals over music that can quickly move from gentle banjo-picking to grinding electric guitar. Now she is making a name for herself on the stage as well.

Makovski, who was born on the Spanish island of Mallorca, was a musical prodigy, winning awards in Europe at the age of 15. Now she splits her time between Barcelona and New York City, recording and performing her songs. Her first two albums Kradiaw released in 2005, and 2007’s Kraj so Koferot were successful in Europe, and Makovski has toured there extensively. Her third, self-titled album was produced by John Parish of PJ Harvey, Eels, and Tracy Chapman fame. Her sultry demeanor and confidence exude through every song, which deliver stark observations on romance and relationships. Since the release of her self-titled work, she has played many dates in the United States and is sure to play many more dates on this side of the pond in the coming year.

This year, she created the music for the play “Desaparecer,” which is based on the writings of American author Edgar Allen Poe. She’s performing in the play, staged at the Teatre Romea in Barcelona, all this month, along with actor Juan Echanove. Furthermore, Maika recently won a UFI award for “Best Myspace Artist” of the year, and is stated to be “Spain’s next export.” Not to mention, this desert chanteuse does sexy, she’s the sound of the new Victoria’s Secret ad. Check out Maika’s sultry soundtrack below: