Meet Manny Quest: Mexico’s Rap Music Underdog [MEX/COL]

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Né: Manuel Cabrera
Raíces: Born in Distrito Federal, Mexico. Based in Cali, Colombia.
Sounds Like…a Latino otaku drunk off Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
You should listen to Manny Quest because…he’ll remind you that anything is possible, even for nerds (at least in rap music).

Manny Quest is the most recent creation of Manuel Cabrera, who has been an underdog MC for years and used to perform under aliases like DJ Delta and Mad Hatter, and dabbled as a graffiti artist within the north of Mexico City disguised as GENER.

He is close to Spia104 of Reporte Ilegal, who recently collaborated on the art of his Manny Quest moniker in Cali, Colombia, where he currently resides. Leaving behind the conspiracy and social repression rants, Manny Quest is now writing weird rhymes that talk about TV series, video games, comic book heroes, anime, et al. And thanks to the marvelous Internet, the production of his beats is being made in Barcelona by Agon Beats who just happens to work with the European crew Kefta Boyz Flush Gang.

The second half of the 2000s can be considered as British dubstep’s golden age. “Skeng” was an important song created by Kevin Martin, better known as The Bug. It’s been almost seven years since the creation of this minimalist grimey anthem that had a key role during the development of today’s English alternative electronic music. The Bug’s “Skeng” is back, but this time it reincarnated in Latin America through Manny Quest’s very own reinterpretation of Killa P and Flow Dan’s original vocal work, under the title of “Fenomenal.”

But just in case you didn’t think that was cool enough, here’s some more of Mr. Quest’s work: