Meet Marineros: Members of Christian Heyne’s Chilean Brat Pack [CHL]

The first time I heard Marineros was in their beautifully haunting song, “Me pierdo en ti,” a cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You.” Marineros’ dream pop automatically cast a romantic spell over me. Its atmospheric melody and whispering vocals became an instant hallmark of their sound.

Marineros, a duo formed by Chileans Constanza Espina and Soledad Puentes, is pop music operating at a high level. The duo exerts a caliber of crafted and detailed musical arrangements that effectively delivers perfect harmony and composition.

Cristian Heyne, the mastermind behind acts like Gepe and DĂ«nver, produced their single, “Espero,” keeping in line with recent stand-out Chilean work. Marineros reinforces the high-quality pop that, in the last few years, has been breaking out of Chile. Yet this duo is distinguishing themselves through layered sounds, by integrating dreamy pop with seamless and sharp shifting of textures into exquisite noise.

(Photo by Alvaro Puentes)