Meet Matador Rockers: Futuristic Hip-Hop Beats 'n' Fun Rhymes

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Neé: Zeto, Chen, Lio & Ra (no, we don’t know their real names).
Raíces: Near Barcelona, Spain.
Sounds Like: fun, positive hip-hop from the future.
You should listen to Matador Rockers because… they don’t really go around killing bulls with swords but they do really rock.


There are those casual hip-hop listeners who only like rap songs they can dance to at the club, and then there are the ones we call hip-hop nerds who obsess over beats and lyrics and you can see them there in the corner paying super close attention to their hi-tech headphones trying to dissect a sample. Spain’s Matador Rockers can please both crowds, from the hipster kid who dances to it ‘ironically’ to the most orthodox of b-boys.

They debuted to the world just a few years ago in a guest appearance on Chacho Brodas‘ latest album and since then, they’ve been affiliated to the prestigious DelPalo family, headed by the top producer of Spain’s hip-hop, Griffi. A stream of demos and solo side-projects released through their bandcamp paved the way for a highly expected official debut, Esto Tenía Que Pasar, finally released in October, 2011 (available on iTunes). The album includes collaboration by microphone legends ToteKing and Tremendo and of course, Griffi himself. “Mi Gente” is the second video single from that album and it accurately represents their fresh style and easygoing attitude (no fake gangsta postures here) plus their unconditional love to skateboards and of course, the MPC.

[insert-video youtube=sPz0BwPlt1Y]