Meet Mía Maestro: Argentinian Starlet Turned Singer

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From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds like: A raspy Cat Power in a grunge meets classical, light pop
You should listen to Mía Maestro because… if her theatrical career doesn’t impress you then nothing will.

Theatricality and performance go hand in hand. Whether it’s a stage production, a live performance, or a TV melodrama, there’s a lot of work that goes into preparing and evoking a character. Conveying a mood and maintaining a solid command of your audience’s attention is the most important part of delivering a good show, and Mía Maestro has tons of experience. Be it with her long list of thespian portrayals or even longer list of theatrical releases, Maestro is exactly that: a maestro of her craft. You may recognize her from several epic tales such as In the Time of the Butterflies, FridaThe Motorcylce Diaries or more mainstream hits such as the TV series Alias or even The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. Whatever she tackles she does so with grace and poise.

Now, the acclaimed actress has been gearing up for a shuttle shift in gears, channeling her performative proclivities towards songwriting and singing. She’s noted for several gigs in L.A., New York and her native, Buenos Aires as well as Iceland. She’s even worked with the British band Faithless since 2010. With the release of the final batch of Twilight Saga soundtracks, Maestro’s song “Lloverá” is featured in Bella and Edward’s steamy honeymoon swim scene. She’s even worked with Damien Rice on a song “Time To Go” also to be included in the November released EP, Blue Eyed Sailor. On the feature video for the EP, Maestro teams up with several handy body artists and acclaimed director Juan Azulay for the Oscar winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro’s directorial debut.

The video for “Blue Eyed Sailor” stuns with its beauty and delicate reverence for nature, pattern and femininity.

[insert-video youtube=wuZF9dwj3Hs]

Download Mía Maestro’s “Blue Eyed Sailor” below: