Meet Mr. Bleat: High-pitched pop confection

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Née: Alejandro Bernal, Pablo Angel, Sara Rodas, Matías Uribe
Raíces: Medellín, Colombia
Sounds like: Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
You should listen to Mr. Bleat because…high-pitched pop confection never tasted so sweet.


In 2007 in Medellín, Colombia, Mr. Bleat members Pablo Angel and Alejandro Bernal started mixing beats that would become the basis for Mr. Bleat’s debut Mr. Disco (2010). Mr. Bleat, the chick-fronted Colombian quartet, gets their name from the onomatopoeic sound effects that drive their brash music.

Sounding like the Latin American Le Tigre or the Colombian MNDR, Mr. Bleat offers an aggressive and agitated sound. High-pitched pop confection never tasted so sweet. If laser beams and phasers aren’t your bit, then give these grittier, guitar-yielding kids a chance. Like Lasser Moderna and Bikini Kill, “eXtranfalaria” (off their 2011 full-length self-titled album) has riot girl guts and a little bit of pop, and “Dulce” is poisonous and ever-so cute. But there’s nothing innocent about Mr. Bleat.

Download Mr. Bleat’s “EXtranfalaria” and “Dulce” off their February release, and the English-belted jammer “Don’t Look Back” off 2010’s Mr. Disco.