Meet Mueran Humanos: Arthouse Experimental Darkcore Duo

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Née: Carmen Burguess & Tomás Nochteff
Raíces: Berlin, Germany by way of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds like: A Latin post punk Siouxsie and the Banshees and an electronic Echo and the Bunnymen
You should listen to Mueran Humanos because… they’re and interesting electronic experimental project that is well produced, and the music can leave one wondering what new changes or movement is going to occur at any moment.

Mueran Humanos is a glossy post punk experimental duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina who relocated to Berlin, Germany and is experiencing impressive underground success. They’ve released albums on labels across the world and produced well packaged vinyl releases, including a split 7 inch record with the punkabilly royalty, Mujercita Terror.

The band’s first release is an electronic darkcore/sadcore synth record called Horas Tristes (meaning Sad Hours). It’s lyrically checkered with abstract lyrics and the tone of the aforementioned album touches on electronically somber musical atmospheres with subject matter that is more imaginary than literal. They are interested in gothic ideas and soundscapes that are made to make you feel scared, sad, and uncomfortable, while making you feel like you could find yourself dancing to this music at any club. Think Echo and the Bunnymen’s Killing Moon spun with art chic modernism.

This band also accompanies their improvised electronic and experimental music with disturbing and fantastical imagery. If Mujercita Terror is a dark, whispering spirit taunting you with invisible stories of torture and terror, Mueran Humanos is the beautiful woman who ends up turning into the dead and corroding corpse in the bathtub of The Shining.

If you like Souixie and the Banchees, Mujercita Terror and Echo and the Bunnymen you will love Mueran Humanos.