Meet: Niño Árbol, '90s Baby On A Dance Mission [MEX]

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Né: Kevin Martínez
Raíces: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Sounds like: A labyrinth of dance floor rhythms and out-there timbres
You should listen to Niño Árbol because…there’s probably no one on the planet doing what this 18 year old is doing.

Born in 1995, Kevin Martínez might not seem, on paper at least, like the kind of person to revolutionize electronic music in the 21st century. However, one listen to his self-titled EP and you can hear something not quite ordinary: a busy symphony of sharp synths, constantly shifting movements, and unexpectedly melodic passages that blossom in strange and satisfying ways.

Martínez got his start playing drums for a post-rock band, but soon found his calling working with computers. His first experiments began under the name Audiorítmico (which you can still listen to on his SoundCloud page) but switched to Niño Árbol not long ago.

There’s a passing reference to sounds of avant dance music from the ’90s. You never know what’s coming in each track, never disregarding the dance floor. After all, his mission is to make people dance.

Amazingly enough, Festival Marvin will be one of his first live presentations, so make sure not to miss Niño Árbol if you’re there.