Meet Normandie Blue: Melodic, Honest, & Dangerous Alt-Punk

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Née: Alex “Blue” Morales, Roman, Ito Castillo, and Manny Murders (nope, I don’t know the rest of these guys’ birth names)
Raíces: Mexican American from L.A.
Sounds like: they don’t give a fuck
You should listen to Normandie Blue because… if you’re a truly a rock ‘n’ roll person, you can somehow relate to Alex’ story.

“Normandie Blue is a band that plays melodic, honest, and dangerous rock n roll” says Alex Blue, the brainchild behind said LA-based alt-punk group. He couldn’t have summed it up better in a few words. With agonizing autobiographical lyrics and hauntingly screeching rock riffs, the music project of Normandie Blue tells ya how it is — it’s raw and pungent, whether you like it or not, hence the attitude behind their upcoming debut It Is What It Is (available on ). Lyrics are about his chaotic upbringing, romantic tragedies, and finding pleasure in bad choices. The music is solid and powerful with very straightforward and easy to understand vocals.

However, the band isn’t necessarily new. After having played alongside with L.A.’s legendary cult psychobilly group Calavera, Alex created Normandie Blue back in 2001, but the instability of band members, along with rock ‘n’ roll’s dark companion, drugs and booze, created obstacles for the group to continue further into music. During the next few years of getting shit together, Alex joined the air force, became an aerospace engineer and an NYU student; untypically for a rock star, but no happiness to be found. So returning back to his element, and as for a few months ago, Normandie Blue signed to Punk Outlaw Records, and after this upcoming debut, the group promises to release a second record before the end of 2012. In the meantime, stream and download “Amazing Disgrase” for FREE  and check out their video for “Hard to Forgive” below:

Normandie Blue – Amazing Disgrace by PunkOutlawRecords

[insert-video youtube=KGJd-kw6Kow]

Download Normandie Blue’s It Is What It Is below: