Meet NSM PSM: Gracias for party rocking!

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Née: Kay, Pato Watson & Aldo Lugo
Raíces: Mexico City
Sounds like: Mexico’s answer to Daft Punk
You should listen to NSM PSM because… they really know how to rock a party.


You’ve probably heard of these guys through their collaborations with M.I.S. At least, that’s how I discovered them a few years ago when Camilo Lara brought them as part of his live band to tour the US. Oh, and they also did an ass-kicking remix for one of M.I.S. best tracks ever “Para No Vivir Desesperado.”

But NSM PSM (short for No Somos Muchos Pero Somos Machos, among other improbable interpretations) are way more than just M.I.S.’s protégées, and have been proving so with an avalanche of memorable remixes for a variety of artists (Los Punsetes, Dapuntobeat, Mood Fu, etc.) besides doing their own stuff too (they have an album, Music vs Music, released in 2009) and earning a reputation as the most hardcore party rockers in DF (I experienced this first hand, but I can’t tell you the details because I blacked out, that’s how hard we partied).

Hi” is the title of this brand new track they’ve just premiered on their website this morning and it’s also available for free download (it’ll also be included in a free compilation by the new DF-based label Sicario Music). Also, make sure to check out NSM PSM’s website for plenty more free party-rocking downloads.