Meet Ocote Soul Sounds: Psychedelic Latin-jive Adventures

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Raíces: The southwest. Texas to be exact.
Sounds like: Something Santana and Hendrix would have smoked out listening to right before a show.
You should listen to Ocote Soul Sounds because: You won’t get any Christmas or Three Kings day presents otherwise.


Ocote Soul Sounds, composed by the ruthless duo Adrian Quesada of Grupo Fantasma and Martin Perna, founding member of Antibalas, is a force to be reckoned with. On this their fourth album Taurus, they present a wicked amalgamation of Afro-Cuban beats and funky fresh innovations. Their orchestral rise and minuet attention to details make tracks like “Pirata” and “Primavera” an absolute psychedelic Latin-jive adventure in sound. With moments of jazzy-experimentation and Coltrane compared accordions and even wilder guitar and cowbell clanking throughout, you won’t be able to contain the overwhelming Latinidad that exudes and consumes you. This is one of those albums you end up writing poetry for, with memories of the Caribbean sun and childhood salsa in the street setting your blood on fire. Ocote Soul Sounds is hitting the road soon, but before the band starts touring, the guys certainly need all our help funding their 8 band member journeys across the US. If you’re feeling generous or just happen to have a wealthy benefactor friend, check out their Kickstarter page and drop a coin.

Ocote Soul Sounds – Taurus by RemezclaNYC