Meet Orquesta El Macabeo: Salsa with a Punk Attitude

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Née: Gabriel Beauchamp, Horacio Alcaraz, Héctor Lind, Yussef Soto Villarini, José Ibáñez, Aníbal Vidal, Javier Santiago, Daniel Rosario, Luis de la Rosa, Julio Ortiz, Javier Morales, and Francisco Figueroa
Raíces: Puerto Rico
Sounds like: if Sublime went Salsa
You should listen to Orquesta El Macabeo because… this ain’t your grandma’s salsa music. It’s salsa with punk rock flavor!

Puerto Rico-based indie salsa band Orquesta El Macabeo is an interesting outfit who’s music exudes traditional salsa sounds, but in a very postmodern musical perspective. There is also humor and experimentation with instruments like pianos and electronic sound bites that give the music a fresh spin on a classic genre. Their latest single “La Culpa/Se Pone Difícil” is a worthy one because Orquesta El Macabeo continues to express that they are not your traditional salsa band. They write original music and push forward with true punk aesthetics and attitude. Make sure you check out this unique and totally badass salsa band! You won’t regret it!

Check out their music video for “Se Pone Difícil” below:

[insert-video youtube=HEFfanIPJvw]

Download Orquesta El Macabeo’s latest album El Entierro below