Meet Pamela Rodríguez: Peruvian Pop Chanteuse

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Raíces: Lima, Peru
Sounds like: A bit like Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell, and Francisca Valenzuela
You should listen to Pamela Rodríguez because… Pamela is an accomplished and talented singer-songwriter. She writes thoughtful love ballads.

Multi-talented singer-songwriter, Pamela Rodríguez of Lima, Peru is a musician of artistic depth and quality. She’s notably known for her piano-laced pop rock ballads that resemble the music of Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor. Pamela’s music has gotten her a Latin Grammy nomination and large amounts of acclaim. Her songs are thoughtful, light, airy, and feminine. She writes creative piano laced ballads of love and her personal life experiences.

Her albums touch on issues of female identity and politics in Lima, like her newest album En La Orilla written and composed by Rodriguez accept for her Lando influenced version of the Billy Holiday song, “Don’t Explain.” Her other albums, Peru Bue (2005), On the Shore (2007), and Reconocer (2011) all explore different periods in her life, that range from her experiences with traveling her native country, going through a complicated and a painful break up, and embarking on the life changing events of motherhood.

Pamela will be performing in New York City on July 11th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn and July 12th at the Latin Alternative Music Conference acoustic showcase. Check out her latest single “Mantra” below:

[insert-video youtube=9S0_vyzr1tM]