Meet Pasaje Universo: Synthesized Folk Songs from Around the World

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Argentine duo Pasaje Universo is an intensely unique musical group who blends traditional folk music with tribal and postmodern compositional elements that are intriguing and addictive to listen to.

Pasaje Universo’s upbeat blanket of unlikely sound fusions forces one to delve into the band’s album, Groove ElectroOrganico, because not many bands out there are making art music quite like this duo. You can hear so many spectrums of music from classical piano sonata-esque pieces to heavy drum sections, and if I may add, you’ll be delighted to experience what Groove ElectroOrganico has to offer.

If you like experimental and tribal rock, you’ll really love this expressive and musically enlightening band. Click on the button to download Pasaje Universo’s album:

[insert-video youtube=GOkVNK1HmUE]