Meet Pearls Negras: Hard-as-Press-On-Nails Rhymes [BRA]

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Né(e): Alice Coelho, Jeni Loyola, Mariana Alves

Raíces: Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro

Sounds like: A fierce rap battle between three fun-loving ladies.

You should listen to Pearls Negras because…
they have it all: dope beats, mad skills, hooks, and energy.

The trio of ladies known as Pearls Negras is often compared to Destiny’s Child. Listening to their trend-approved beats, one can make the connection to their ’90s counterparts. They also share an impeccable fashion sense and charisma to boost. That said, the trapdelic Brazilians one up the prototypical Beyoncé-led girl group by bringing hard-as-press-on-nails rhymes to complement their lively music. Yup, these ladies can rap their asses off.

The members of the group met when all three of them were part of a theater company called Nós De Morro. They decided to give music a shot and eventually impressed British producer David Alexander, whose credits include Yo! Majesty and Dominique Young Unique. Ever since, Alexander has produced their songs, managed their career, and even directed the video for “Pensando em Voce.”

Pearls Negras has gathered some extremely good reviews and plan on taking their show to Europe. They just released an untitled EP that follows their critically acclaimed mixtape Biggie Apple. You can listen to all of these and watch their video for “Pensado em Voce” below, they’ll have something you’ll like, I’m sure.

[insert-video youtube=rAisOJvLLU8]