Meet: Petejota, Dark and Gritty Garage Rock

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Née: Hernando Buitrago
Raíces: Caracas, Venezuala
Sounds like: Deep, dark garage rock for lost souls
Listen because: Petejota possesses the true spirit of underground rock, and his music takes you to places you’ve never been before.

Venezuelan native Hernando Buitrago is the mind behind the dark and gritty underground music project, Petejota. Petejota is currently based in San Francisco, California and is attracting positive attention throughout his local scene.

Petejota’s current heavy garage rock EP, Hunting For Pleasure is a wild and sadistic album that is reminiscent of At The Drive In and Queens of the Stone Age. Buitrago’s fuzzed out guitar riffs and heavily reverbed vocals make for an eerie, unforgettable and soul shattering sound. Hunting for Pleasure EP is a flawless bedroom recording, and shows that this young and talented solo musician has loads of potential.

Petejota plans to be release a new single later this Spring. If you’re in Cali, you can see Petejota live at the Hickey Festival in Leggitt, California which takes place on May 24th, 25th and 26th.