Meet Phynx: Smooth Robotic Grooves [MEX]

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Née: Beatmaker and producer. A real ladies man, we bet.
Raíces: Guadalajara, México.
Sounds like: A future filled with warm beds and satin sheets.
You should listen to Phynx because…he makes beats of high quality in a cool, effortless way.

While other Mexican producers working with electronic elements to make incredibly inspiring music (names that come to mind include T Y U, Trillones, Siete Catorce, and MVNG), Phynx is in no hurry to show his amazing skills. No, he wants to take his time, loosen his tie, and pour some red wine for you.

Phynx specializes in chill beats that can get busy without losing their cool, deep, sensual bass, and transparent synth tones. Things get a bit hazy with kush smoke from time to time, but mostly he transforms his influences —late nineties R&B and smooth house— into something new that melds both future bass and current urban singers like R Kelly and Chris Brown, both having been subject of unofficial remixes by Phynx.

Not much can be found online about this producer. We know he’s 18 years old and good friends with fellow electronic prodigy Niño Árbol (both hail from the same city) and he is part of the ever growing SsenSorial Crew. He also records for Mint & Basil, a label that features some fine up and coming exponents like MVNG, Blankaz, Imperia, The Bad Vixen and Eddie Lucio.

If you are in Mexico City, Phynx will be doing his stuff at the NWLA/Remezcla party in preparation for Festival Antes, along with Niño Árbol, Whispers and Ponce.

While Phynx is yet to release a collection of songs, both his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages are filled with originals, remixes and mixtapes, so there’s plenty to listen for.