Meet: Pilotocopiloto, Unpretentious Post-Rock [PER]

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Né: Juan Pablo y Carlos
Raíces: Lima, Perú
Sounds Like…a synesthete’s playground full of colors and textures.
You should listen to Pilotocopiloto because…their post-rock sound is approachable, vivacious, and it will help you unwind from those long days once in a while.

Pilotocopiloto’s second album, Amerizaje, turns two this year, and it was praised as one of the best albums in the Peruvian scene back in 2012. This duo creates amazing instrumental music that oscillates between the calculated serenity of post-rock and the aggressive bursts of punk. Both Juan Pablo Aragón and Carlos Freyre made the most of some serendipitous encounters, and little by little they’re committing to create a raw, unique sound full of roughness and luminosity.

They’ve released some videos, of which we’ll highlight their Go-Pro frenzy “Mi Nintendo es de Korea.” But to really meet Pilotocopiloto, you must experience those up-and-downs that make Amerizaje’s structure both unconventional and unpretentious at the same time.

[insert-video vimeo=66075035]