Meet Poncho: Argentina sounds British

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Née: Zuker, Leandro Lopatin, Fabian Picciano, DJ Justin Robertson
Raíces: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds like: colors
You should listen to Poncho because…the word euphoric comes to mind.


We know you’ll become fast friends with Poncho, the band of electro heads from Buenos Aires, produced by misplaced Brit Justin Robertson. And maybe in turn you’ll chummy up with their friends (Banda de Turistas, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Shannon Funchess of !!! aka Chk Chk Chk, among others). You can hear it in their music, how affable and free spirited they are. Like those nice Dutchmen you met when you were backpacking through Europe and they offered you all sorts of libations and drugs. That’s the effect Poncho has, makes you feel like you’re shirtless on Fire Island having the time of your life.

Poncho’s debut, Poncho Total, boasts great variety, from classic Euro, fist-bumping beats, to the effusive pop-rock of Latin America, a cultural mix that speaks to the EuroLatincentricities of Argentina and its flock. The entire album is a great jolt, perfect for any e-infused fest. But it works wonderfully sober, too.

Ingest the Robertson-sung “Lend me the light” below and check out the video for Poncho’s collab with Banda de Turistas on “Kansas.”