Meet Pontiacs: Psych Rock for the Modern Soul

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Née: Andrés Darraidou, Francisco Montes, Raimundo Gueneau De Mussy, Benjamín Guevara, Diego Iglesias
Raíces: Santiago, Chile
Sounds like: Early Pink Floyd, Early Brian Jonestown Massacre
You should listen to Ponticas because… if you like real rock and roll without autotune, or studio effect Pontiacs is a true blue band, and they sound amazing.

Psych revivalists Pontiacs clean up, reshape, and reinterpret psychedelic rock and roll so well that they’re throwback these experimental vibes are seamlessly amplified by a fresh and modern undertone. Emerging from Santiago, Chile, Pontiacs took on a very American rock sound and incorporated Native American history, by naming their band after the American Indian revolt against the British in 1763.

Seriously, this band has real cool chops. They take the sounds of Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, and The Rolling Stones, and create a clean and polished sound while still tripping your brains out! You’ll feel like you’re floating in infinite space while listening to Pontiac’s new LP, Bursting. This intergalactic Chilean psychedelic band will take you on a wild voyage through their interpretive songs, and amazing pure rock style.