Meet Psychic Hearts: Experimental Doom Gaze from Mexico [MEX]

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Née: Javier y Erick
Raíces: Estado do Mexico, Mexico
Sounds Like: Experimental doomgaze! Strange, young and sinister!
You should listen to Psychic Hearts because… it’s always great to listen to a new band to watch them grow and evolve. Psychic Hearts is a great new experimental band to keep your eyes and ears on!

Psychic Hearts is a young dream pop noise band from Mexico. This new band has released three washed out dark pop singles that will give you an taste of what is ahead for this band musically. This young duo works with a reverbed vocal effect that makes the lyrics mysterious and almost indiscernible, as if you were listening through gauze – a common technique in shoegaze and dream pop. Psychic Heart’s use of drum machine moves the band into a more minimalist direction; their guitars come to the fore, creating a dark, echoic vibe in their debut recordings.

The Last Time I Committed Suicide, Datura Inoxia and Ruined Garden are a raw and promising juxtaposition: the lyrics may be gloomy, but the music’s tone is light hearted. In a word: bittersweet.

Make sure you follow Psychic Hearts as they evolve. Their full-length album is should be an exciting release!