Meet Ratigan: A Nihilist Dance Party

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Née: Ari Garcia
Raíces: Tijuana, Mexico
Sounds like: A less disco-driven LCD Soundsystem with many samples
You should listen to Ratigan because…. we might be dead soon so why not have fun.

Tijuana’s Ratigan makes light of dark subjects like cannibalism and Satan and at times you definitely hear the therapeutic release of many demons in the nihilistic lyrics. Yet before his alter ego was unleashed, Ari García began making music as way of self-therapy and as a hobby to kill time. In the beginning, his intention was not to be so electronic driven, but amidst technology he soon found that synths, loops and samples would became loyal friends that would help shape and bring into fruition his many musical ideas.

Ratigan experiments in electronic rhythms but is pretty faithful to the dancey punkish pop that he loads with random samples and funny rants. There are many entertaining song titles like “Carnivora,” “Satan Circus” and “El Diablo Grita Mi Nombre” which includes the lyrics “the devil screams out my name and the drugs don’t leave me satisfied, so if I am going to die soon then tonight I’ll have fun.”

The energetic music just urges you to dance your ass off. This way, if in fact the Mayans are right and the end is truly at least you will die happily dancing. Oh, and by the way, check out his free music downloads below.