Meet Rioh: Pop Fusion Band Remakes "Llorarás" Right

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Raíces: Venezuela via NYC
Sounds like: The perfect blend of old and new.
You should listen to Rioh because… you like to dance to more than one genre.

Mixing genres is more difficult than one may think. When done improperly, the end product sounds like a lame, politically correct yet culturally ignorant and cheesy attempt at a fusion. When done properly, the end result sounds like the featured track of NYC-based Latin world pop’s Rioh.

Rioh came together in May 2011 thanks to singer/songwriter/producer Roman Rojas. The native Venezuelan enlisted the aid of vocalist/violinist Mireya Ramos, drummer/timbalist/vocalist Karina Colis, percussionists Nestor Villar and Luisito Quintero, and keyboardist Vashti Sivell to fuse Latin, world and electronic sounds together.

The group’s first single is their take on Oscar D’Leon’s classic salsa hit “Llorarás.” It’s the first time the song’s been recorded by an artist other than D’Leon. It starts off with some synths and soothing vocals — with a nice pop territory — before exploding into a full-on salsa carnival.

Rioh – Llorarás

Download Rioh’s “Llorarás” below:

[insert-video youtube=8jtf5cuBSoM]