Meet Santé Les Amis: Uruguayan Disco Punk For Your Soul

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Née: Diego Traverso (guitar/vocals), Nicolas Demczylo (guitar), David Stabilito (bass, vocals), Santiago Marrero (keyboards), Esteban Lopez (drums).
Raícies: Montevideo, Uruguay
Sounds like: Los Amigos Invisibles on a mountain climb with LCD Soundsystem up Cerro Catedral, reading Mario Beneditti’s El buzón del tiempo out loud.
You should listen to Santé Les Amis because... you’re in need for soulful, electro-funk rock that keeps you up at night.

Formed in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2007, their unique blend of fusion electro-rock caught on fast with its disco-punk dance floor rock approach. With their two EPs — the self-titled debut in 2008 and Morning Shine, 2010 — they made a name for themselves with their characteristic audiovisual shows and intense energy. Santé Les Amis prowess as performers rapidly had them playing all the Capital’s major venues, and even garnered them some international attention via Rolling Stone Argentina. They’ve opened up for the likes of Café Tacvba and Mala Rodríguez, while steadily climbing the ranks. Having been nominated for a couple awards for their rising efforts on the first two EPs, they then won the 2011 Premio Isis from El País for digital music.

Remezcla has been all over their climb to fame, watching steadily from the sidelines. Earlier last year, they were featured in Campo‘s catchy “Cumbio” remixes, with the most new wave oriented, New Order-sounding rendition of the batch. Sounding very eerie and melodic, the song is a must for any dark-rock lovers collection. The track shows their versatility and range, with a distinct edge as compared to their normal work. Their sound is dynamic, rapid-fire, and on point. Sounding as sharp as Los Amigos Invisibles served hot and honeyed in a warm guampa for the perfect mate blend of innovative funk-rock.

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