Meet Selma Oxor: Mexico's New Queen of Electro Trash Goth

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Née: Selma Oxor
Raíces: Mexico Magico
Sounds like: Maria Daniela redone à la Dani Shivers with more of a Sleigh Bells on poppers feeling up Alaska in the ’80s finish.
You should listen to Selma Oxor because: You like your music garishly electro and your dance floor full of trashy goth goons.

So you’re still reviewing the latest Kidcity album, and yet another distraction pops up from the underbelly of Mexico’s elite. Artists like Ducky, Grimes, Dani Shivers, and even those more depressed days of Cat Power come to mind. With the release of her recent video, Selma Oxor, one of those wackos from Bam Bam, pretty much admits she’s a serial killer. I’m almost certain the success of this album and any subsequent tour dates for the long future of this project will cause some Bam Bam fans to express their distress in mass suicide. But, remain calm. Have faith in the music industry heads, people. I see no reason why Oxor can’t have her cake and eat it, too. In fact, give her caviar, a sacrificial slaying, and zombified boy toys galore. This electro-party fiend is going to be offering up mass murder in unmarked graves at a lot of tacky and equally as trendy Mexican kids’ parties for a long while. You’ll be trapped at the fiesta fiasco, howling out a window, “Quiero Salir,” at full volume with Six Million Dollar Weirdo rocking out alongside the isolated lakefront mansion you’ve ended up at tonight.

With garishly awkward and distressing vocals, Oxor’s cunning style makes a devious segue for maniacal lyrics. Her menacing sound may make drastic switches from track to track on User 69, a perfectly titled EP that makes obvious reference to cyber sex, but it makes sense by the end. The wickedness of Oxor’s approach makes for an interesting case study into the criminally insane, or at least into nymphomania. Her title-track on the album, also an incredible video, looks like a witch-house homage to The Craft directed instead by Ridley Scott via his rendition of Thomas Harris’ bestselling serial-thriller about Hannibal. I don’t want to offend, with my absence of taste but do I even have to point out the similarities between “Mi Novio Es Un Zombie” by Alaska y Dinarama?

Though shrouded in mystery, Oxor’s career, we hope, will continue to fester among our subconscious desires. Her accelerated electro-bounce moments, however gimmicky or riddled with lascivious references to the sinfully slutty “Jungle Juice” dripping college parties, should not detract you from your obsessive addiction to this album.

Pull up a chair and watch her most recent video “Dotes de Cocina” below. There are enough brains for everybody. Plus, download her FULL EP User 69 via Vale Vergas Discos.

[insert-video youtube=QSWRgx8dATg]

For those in the NYC area, be sure to get your ass inside Secret Project Robot, Saturday Nov 17th, where Selma Oxor will be playing along with Soledad.