Meet Sistema Bomb: Electric Jarocho with Progressive Mestizo Folk

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Née: Producers Hector “Hecdog” Perez & Greg Landau along with a talented group of jarochos.
Raíces: San Francisco, CA
Sounds like: Progressive Mestizo Folk
You should listen to Electro Jarocho because… you know you’ve wanted to bring your tarima to the club for some time now.

Electro Jarocho is a project that incorporates the electronic palette of Sistema Bomb producers Hector “Hecdog” Perez and Greg Landou with the concepts of traditional son jarocho — a very distinct sound from Veracruz reflecting the unique history of Spanish, indigenous, and African cultures that converged over the past two and a half centuries. Bands from Café Tacvba to Calle 13 have incorporated the jarocho style into their music, and recently, there has even been a bit of a movement throughout California and parts of Mexico to reclaim the sound. Building upon this revivalist movement, the Sistema Bomb producers aim to conserve the jarocho tradition by partnering musicians from various bay area bands with talented traditional son jarocho musicians (and a roster of talented guests such as Los Cojolites, Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli, Roco of Maldita Vecindad, among others) to produce a dance friendly blend of traditional rhythms and instrumentation with new electronic soundscapes and textures. Their single “El Convite” was recently selected as iTunes Latino pick of the week and we’ve also got an exclusive free download of “El Cascabel” below.

Also, if you’re in happen to find yourself in San Francisco’s Mission district this Saturday April 21st, head over to The Makeout Room where the most reliable Saturday-night dance party, El Superritmo, is hosting the Electro Jarocho album release party. Word is there will be some special guests such as Andres Flores among other live musicians performing the electronic compositions in this hybrid acoustic-electronic band that is guaranteed to get you zapateando!

El Cascabel – SISTEMA BOMB con LOS COJOLITES y Asdru de OZOMATLI by Sistema Bomb