Meet Small Prey: Latin Femme Pop From Beyond

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Née: Irene de La Selva, Raffaele Cuccu
Raíces: Berlin, DE via Spain
Sounds like: Latin Femme pop from outer space.
You should listen to Small Prey: because you’ve never heard anything like it before!

Small Prey is an incredibly unique post punk experimental pop band that exudes a fusion of tailor- made Latin attitude, oozing from the lips of Spanish vocalist, Irene de La Selva. Their music is reminiscent of The Pixies and The Breeders, and La Selva could be considered the three-way love child of Kim Deel, Shakira and M.I.A.

With all this said, Raffaele Cuccu is a powerful electronic producer and vocalist as well. They both share roles as instrumentalists, but Cuccu seems to embroider the bulk of the ethereal, ethnic, post rock sounds to the duo’s music.

Small Prey is a refreshingly out-of-box band who takes experimental electronic music to new realms as the tracks from their January 1st, (2013) release Small Prey S/T are intrinsically different from one another without straying outside of the albums, general spaced out borders.

If you like M.I.A., Radiohead and The Beastie Boys, you’ll love Small Prey.