Meet Sonido Triptofano: Soulful Beats for the Day-Glo Fanatics [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Née: 25 years old bass enthusiast Dante Samperio.
Raíces: Cholula, Puebla, México.
Sounds like: A caffeine-fueled rave in a warehouse where black lights shine all night long.
You should listen to Sonido Triptofano because…the young producer’s energy is contagious, and his craft is exquisite.

There are many sound manipulators aiming for the dancefloor that are fond of making bass-heavy grooves or smooth tones in ways that are both retro and futuristic. Sonido Triptofano does one better by incorporating both camps and crafting something that’s exhilarating and playful, while maintaining quality and class.

The young producer has just released his first EP called Bootlegism on the Veracruz-based label Ten Toes Turbo, home to Mama Testa, Ma Fuego and CRZKNY, among others. The three cuts featured are juke and footwork reinterpretations of songs by other artists. In Triptofano’s hands, Flight Facilities’ “Crave You” becomes a hyper ode to flirting that shines with artificial colors and fast-forward-like rhythms. FREnchfire’s “W3DN3SDVY” is more soulful and spare without sacrificing speed, while the last track combines arpeggios with hip-hop beats and mutoid drum n’ bass sensibilities that can send many a footwork practitioner back to the ballpen.

Here’s a great debut for an artist bursting out of his own skin, and spreading a little of his franticness to people wanting to party.

Listen to Bootlegism EP here.