Meet Stephanie Morillo: A Jazzy Dominicana In Town

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Raíces: El Bronx via La Republica Dominicana
Sounds like: Erykah Badu chillin’ with Esperanza Spalding on a hot summer night
You should listen to Stephanie Morillo because… she has a voice you’ll fall in love with.

The list of talented women of color in the jazz world is a lengthy one and it’s about to get longer with the addition of Stephanie Morillo now that the former music blogger has made the leap from the world of music criticism to the world of music production and performance.

Morillo, a pupil of LaGuardia High, released her debut EP Love Language earlier this year. It’s a small taste of what she can do vocally and behind a guitar as a singer/songwriter: soothing jazz numbers mixed with a bit of pop. We await to hear if her full-length debut and get a taste of her skills in cumbia villera, opera and soul in 2013.

And if you happen to be around the NYC area this week, we recommend  you hit up the M1-5 Lounge this Thursday, June 28th, and catch her live where Morillo will debut her first Spanish-language song.