Meet Super Spanish Combo, Afro-Latin Conscious Rap from Spain

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Né(e): Efe Genuino, Canek, Dante, Alex
Raíces: Barcelona, Granada, México
Sounds Like: Orishas meets Ondatrópica
You should listen to Super Spanish Combo because…rap from Spain needed an injection of Latin American flavor.

If you’re tired of pointless battle rhymes and ego tripping and would rather listen to politically conscious rap—but you also want to dance—Barcelona’s Super Spanish Combo is your best choice. Who said protest rap had to be boring and monotone? These guys do it over funky beats with plenty of Afro-Latin flavor inspired by cumbia, salsa, reggae, and other tropical rhythms. And they do it right.

Late last year they released an excellent debut album, Llegó El Combo, and they had the great idea of giving it away as a free download while selling the vinyl version, which has impeccable screen-printing art by Rubén Sánchez.

Now they put together this collection of funky remixes from the two main tracks on that album, done by some international heavyweights like All Good Funk Alliance, Basement Freaks, and Quincy Jointz. Released only in digital format by Granada’s Fresh Kingdom Records, it also includes instrumental and a cappella versions of the two songs for anybody who wants to try their luck at a remix or mashup. And it’s also free, or actually, you name your price.

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