Meet Survey Team, Surveying The Land of Dream-Pop/Rock [CHL]

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Né(e): Carla Bolgeri, Francisco Marín, Gian Paolo Gritti, Emanuel Irarrázabal, Joseph “Joe” Simón
Raíces: Santiago, Chile
Sounds Like…a much less annoying and more melodic version of the Silversun Pickups
You should listen to Survey Team because…you want to work out your existential issues in life in abandoned buildings in Santiago in the early morning hours just before sunrise.

If jingly-jangly guitars and female rockeras are your thing, then BEHOLD! Your new favorite band is now Survey Team. The quintet from Santiago is a throwback to charming ’90s pop/rock with a combination of Bolgeri’s vocals and the dual jingly-jangly guitar attack of Marín and Simón.

The group began as a duo featuring Bolgeri and Marín thanks to MySpace back when it was still a thing to do. The group has a full-length album, Suriname, under its belt and recently released a split EP with The Same Sky under a partnership with Converse of Chile’s The Good Roadie project.

The band also shares a kinship with Protistas, as they’ve written and recorded a few tracks in the band’s rehearsal space.