Meet: System Error, Dark Side of Ambient Music [MEX]

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Né: Andros y Mauricio

Raíces: México, D.F.

Sounds Like… an alien abduction in the middle of a late night epic dance party.

You should listen to System Error… if you’re into Sci-Fi, RPGs, or conspiracy theories.

The dark side of ambient music has a spot in the upcoming All My Friends’ festival lineup. The guys behind System Error create the soundtrack and visual aesthetics for a dystopian future full of drones, glitches, and industrial patterns, using old analog machines and samplers instead of computer-generated sound. So, in a way, they’re both purists and futurists.

Their latest production, LSDIOS, clocks in at 50 minutes with a 5-song track list. It can get really dense at first with their cathedral-like opener “Berlin,” but as it goes on, richer sounds invade the album. System Error plays with disruptive repetition, but can still deliver some really danceable pieces such as “Latech” and “Ayesha.

When the time comes and it’s Earth’s time to be wiped out, will you be lost in the rhythm? Will you be dancing on the verge of destruction? We may not live to see UFOs taking us out of the atmosphere, but we can listen right now to hear what the soundtrack for that will be.