Meet The Great Wilderness: Broody Babes!

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Née: Las Robertas side project, created after Lolita Pinata split
Raíces: San José, Costa Rica
Sounds like: Dream Rock
You should listen to The Great Wilderness because… It feels. And it feels real…and is Hole still even around?


This Costa Rican, Dream Rockin’, Brit post punk influenced female foursome, who we’ve mentioned in our April Playlist and the Si San Jose Compilation, is just one of the tiny, tiny seeds that will eventually (hopefully) help blossom the next rock garden of the future. Much like the bands of the ’90s alt rock explosion that The Great Wilderness also clearly takes as influences (Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and others lumped into the original alt rock tag) they are influenced by… shit from 20 years ago. And that is a good thing. ’90s rock was ’70s rock and ’70s punk influenced, so now what only makes sense is for current bands to be ’90s rock and ’90s punk influenced. But grunge wasn’t exactly ’70s rock and punk. It had a new spin. The Great Wilderness may not be MBV or Sonic Youth or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but they are definitely apart of the same water that will eventually be the next great wave of rock in years to come. So although they may not be extremely important, or ever be extremely important, the idea is there and we salute them for that.