Meet The Kavanaghs: Argentina's Romantic Indie Rockers

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Née: The Kavanaghs (Alejandro Pin, Tiago Galíndez, Diego Vázquez and Sebastian Cairo)
Raíces: Spain by way of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sounds like: A sapier version of The Stokes and The Shins
You should listen to The Kavanaghs because… Not all music has to blow your mind. Love songs and indie rock rules too.

The Kavanaghs are a Buenos Aires-based indie pop band who have an uncanny tonal resemblance to American indie rock bands like The Strokes and The Shins. This love-centric Latin college rock group powerfully embodies the American MTV sound of the early millennium so much that you’ll be nostalgic for trucker hats, the early days of Ashton Kutcher’s Punked, and Jimmy Eat World posters…ok, maybe not. But give the band a listen. Their album, Love Conquers Pain, is a sweet listen. It’s not a sin to listen to a nice indie pop album, especially when you’re trying to get your boyfriend or girlfriend in the mood. The Kavanaghs’ music is well produced, and nice on the ears. Check it out!

Love Conquers Pain by The Kavanaghs

Download The Kavanaghs’ Love Conquers Pain below: