Meet The Right Ons: Styled-Out Glam Rock from Madrid

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Née: Alvaro, Rams, Rafa, Utah, and Martin
Raíces: Madrid, Spain
Sounds like: ACDC and Kings of Leon
You should listen to The Right Ons because… they are classic, straight forward, and styled out American-inspired rock and roll.

Madrileños The Right Ons are a glossy, rebellious alternative rock band who encompasses a mix of Kings of Leon and ACDC hard rock sensibilities in their sound. Stylistically, they come off like a European version of The Strokes (if The Strokes were truly honest about their alpha males self images).

The Right Ons’ new music video for “Purple Neon Lights” off their latest 2012 album Get Out is an ode to the aloofness and frailty of Spanish fashion models. Their music is produced, mixed and executed well, and have a very strong gravitation pull to American rock and roll enthusiasts, because their songs and general musical aura are an impressive mix of American ’70s hard rock and the post modern bands like The Hives and Jack White.

If you like straight to the point rock and roll installed with a light pump of cock rock style tucked within the folds of clean guitar riffs, you’ll dig The Right Ons.

[insert-video youtube=Mlmz78ro4h0]

Download The Right Ons’ Get Out below: