Meet The Sisters Ray: New Mexican Shoegaze

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Née: Zirk (guitar), Dave Noise (bass), Paola (vocals), Chalo (drums)
Raíces: Valle, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Sounds like: A fuzzed-out post modern version of The Velvet Underground.
You should listen to The Sisters Ray because… shoegaze and neo psych is alive and continuing to thrive all over the world.

Mexican shoegaze quartet The Sisters Ray have named themselves after a track recorded by one of the most influential bands of the 20th century: The Velvet Underground in White Light, White Heat. Although they are slightly flamboyant about their musical influences, they exude an individualist musical confidence, which commands attention.

The Sisters Ray have not released any recordings except for a track called “Trinity” on youtube as they are very new to the music scene, as well as a plethora of videos displaying their recording sessions. “Trinity” is a heavy shoegaze track that sets this band apart from traditional sounding bands like, My Bloody Valentine, accentuating fast and repetitive live drumbeats that are so precise that they sound like a drum machine produced them.

The Sisters Ray’s “Trinity” is an introduction to a band that could make a mark on the Mexican alternative rock and roll scene. Keep an eye out for this talented underground, shoegaze band and future recordings. We know we will.

[insert-video youtube=BsPrMikfNX0]