Meet: The Two Mexicans & The Missing Pickup Band, Whiskey & Grit [MEX]

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Né(e): Tino and Lucho (plus a who’s who of classic Mex rockers as backup)
Raíces: The south of Mexico City and elsewhere
Sounds like: Blues tinged with country driving through a gravel road.
You should listen to The Two Mexicans because…they give us well-written songs with a classic sound, something that never goes out of style.

The Two Mexicans do barebones country-laced blues with finesse, pairing gritty acoustic guitars and whiskey-damaged voices to soundtrack a road trip through dusty gringo highways or a visit to a strip club in the Bayou (not that I would know…).

Taking the southern side of Mexico City to the south of the U.S., musically speaking, the duo of Tino and Lucho came together in 2011, writing and gigging from the get-go. Months later they recorded a self-titled EP, co-produced by former Caifanes member Diego Herrera, who helped flesh out the songs with more instruments. Another Caifán makes an appearance on the TTM&TMPUB EP with Alfonso André handling drums on the recording. Ever since, the single “Son of God” has been making the rounds on Mexican radio playlists. More recently, the band has been working on their second release, produced by Jot Dog/former Fobia member Chiquis Amaro.

With so many TV shows located north of the Mexican border, The Two Mexicans should consider writing a soundtrack for one in the future.

The Two Mexicans & The Missing Pickup Band EP, for your listening pleasure: