Meet Torreblanca: Epic Pop Symphonies (+ mp3)

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Raíces: Chilango (as in Ciudad de Mexico)
Sounds like: A Mexican pop version of Ben Folds, Patrick Wolf and the pianist on the Charlie Brown cartoons.
You should listen to Torreblanca because… they’re the best thing to happen to pop/alt. rock since Belle met Sebastian (whoa, that was a long time ago!).


Torreblanca is the brainchild of quirky artist Juan Manuel Torreblanca. Initially launched as a solo project in 2007, he soon realized he would need more limbs in order to recreate his pop symphonies on stage and therefore recruited Alejandro “El Tio” Balderas, Jerson Vasquez, Carlos “El Abuelo” Zavala, and Andrea Balency. This definitely calls for use of the word “epic.”

The quintet recorded and released the four track EP Defensa last year, which went on to earn the band rave reviews in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and California (Indie 103.1 and KPFK, holla!). Building on that success, Torreblanca is set to release their debut LP Bella Epoca this Sept. 29th. It’s produced by Quique Rangel of Café Tacuba (this is also pretty “epic”) and is as quirky and pop-driven as Defensa. Are we looking at the debut of the year? Maybe!

” is iTunes’ Song of the Week, from Torreblanca’s upcoming! Get it FREE while it lasts (Sept. 20-26).

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