Meet Tropkillaz, Brazilian Bass Aficionados [BRA]

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Née: DJ Zegon + Laudz
Raíces: São Paulo, Brasil
Sounds Like: That 808 Miami bass em português
You should listen to Tropkillaz because…you’ve been twerking since Tag Team was on the scene.

It’s no surprise that the dudes in Tropkillaz have garnered the buzz they have in only a year of working together. DJ Zegon and Laudz aren’t just a pair of average bedroom DJs with turntables and samplers mucking around in their spare time. The former was one half of the short-lived-yet-legendary hip-hop outfit N.A.S.A. (North America/South America) with producer Squeak E. Clean (Sam Spiegel), and worked with Planet Hemp (which gave birth to the badass rapper Marcelo D2) during its early years. The latter has worked with a number of Brazil’s best rappers including Rashid and Projota.

The combination of the veteran producer and the young MC has resulted in 808 trap bass via São Paulo. One of the exciting elements of their collaboration is their sampling of old swing and dance tracks from the U.S. and Brazil, which they chop and screw. They’re currently working on their debut mixtape, Tropical Bass Killers, which, last I heard, will contain 30 tracks including remixes of their work. Now’s a good time to invest in a new subwoofer.