Meet Trostrigo: South American Sunny Anti-Folk

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Née: Rodrigo Jorquera
Raíces: Buenos Aires, Argentina-based and Rancagua, Chile-birthed
Sounds like: an electronic anti folk cousin of Argentian band, Cldscp
You should listen to Trostrigo because… Trostrigo is an easy and entertaining listen. Jorquera’s songs are humorous and lighthearted.

Chilean native Rodrigo Jorquera, better known under his musical moniker Trostrigo is a talented singer/songwriter and electronic music composer. Trostrigo’s songs are wonderful Latin anti-folk ballads that are laced with creative and expressive electro acoustic instrumentation. It is rare to find an anti-folk musician who can really create full sounding ornamentation within their music. This means, Trostrigo can make his folk songs sound full and complete with his stylistic production techniques while avoiding the traditional minimalist style of anti folk composition. He paints a bigger picture with his ballads. Trostrigo albums are fun to listen to and have great style and grace.

Trostrigo’s entire 2012 album Aire al Verso is available for free download on his soundcloud site. Check it out below and watch his debut music video “Genipsis”:

[insert-video youtube=DBDh8o6rXoI]