Meet: TYU, Yet Another Reason to Turn to Western Mexico

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Né: Mario González Alvarado
Raíces: Born in Tepic, Nayarit
Sounds Like…that techno sub-genre some people like to call “kematine house.”
You should listen to TYU because…this is top-notch dance music and it’s always a good thing to lend your ears to the young talented Latin American underground producers. Remember when nobody knew about Rebolledo? Exactly.

This dude is barely 19 years old yet and he’s already self released an incredible EP and a mind-blowing LP, exploring different minimalist electronic music territories that go from folktronica and tech house to minimal techno and even post-dubstep.

Nobody has really heard of him yet, except for those lucky ones who blindly assisted his first show in Mexico City just a few days ago. I recently found out about TYU because he will be part of Festival Marvin, and to be honest, I’m quite impressed. Why? Because the last impressive thing I heard from Nayarit was MC Peligro, and technically, she’s not from Nayarit, but she is indeed a Western Mexico native. And her work just came to light a few months ago as well.

So, yeah—even though Mario affirms that NOTHING is going on in his hometown, except for his music—we can assure you something IS brewing in Western Mexico. While we bring you more evidence, please go ahead and listen to TYU. There will be a point when you’ll inevitably ask yourself, “Wait, is this guy really from Mexico?” The answer, of course, is: yes, you bet he is. And there’s more where that came from. Just you wait!