Meet Valencian Punk Group Las Carmonas [ESP]

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Née: Cris, Marina, Carla, and María
Raíces: Valencia, Spain
Sounds like: Some of that classic punk from the late ’70s/early ’80s.
You should listen to Las Carmonas because…you like your music fast and your songs barely over a minute in length.

Many different strands/versions/hybrids of punk music have come through these pages in the past year. As great as they all are, it’s refreshing to listen to something that’s more purely punk than anything else.

Las Carmonas released their debut album late last year. It’s 12 songs clocking in at 15 minutes of glorious, high-speed screaming, jangly guitars, and non-stop energy.

And just because the group is composed of four women doesn’t mean there should be any comparisons made to Bikini Kill or any band in the Riot Grrl scene. Musically, Las Carmonas have more in common with Angry Samoans and, as they’ve stated in a few interviews, the only statement they’re trying to make with their music is that they love making music.

It sounds like they’re having a great time from what we can tell.