Meet: Velázquez, Norteño/Country Pendejo [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Né(e): Ro
Raíces: Coyoacán, Mexico City
Sounds like: A fun and lovelorn mixture of country and ranchero
You should listen to Velázquez because…it’s not often you get such a richly orchestrated collection of songs with lyrics containing words like “pendejo.”

It’s okay to think that a guy who made his name singing about rubber duckies is not capable of a lush love song. Then again, very few people could’ve written the songs on Velázquez’s album, Coyote.

Ro took some time off from playing with his band of merry pranksters (Los Liquits) to get in touch with his more sensible side. He then took off for Tucson to work with producer Sergio Mendoza in three different studios, where they cooked a brassy sound that resembles norteño music with the nuances of country. While the lyrics talk about love, Ro doesn’t trade his usual vocabulary for iambic pentameter or any of that shit. He slangs and swears his way through the album in a very fun and sincere way.

For the album’s release party, Velázquez gathered 12 musicians including a violinist, someone playing lap steel, and even a tuba player. Quite an ensemble and one to look forward to during Marvin Fest.