Meet VRNS: Mexican Italo-Disco (+ Glitter Studded Video)

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Née: Luis Cortés
Raíces: Ciudad Juárez
Sounds Like: New Order and M83 run through a Mexican filter
You should listen to VRNS because… Ciudad Juárez is coming up as the next music & arts capital in Mexico.

It makes sense that VRNS’ (pronounced “Viernes”) debut video is “Todo Lo Que No Mataste.” The song deals with the pain of “killing” or losing certain things in order to create a new persona. In this case, VRNS (a.k.a. Luis Cortés) killed/lost Tolidos, the pop-punk band he fronted for nearly 10 years, and returned to the music world last year with this new solo project. The result is a more interesting direction into post-punk/new-wave territory. Cortés’ self-titled debut EP, Viernes, is filled with gems that straddle a line between old-school ’80s dance beats á la New Order or Depeche Mode with flourishes of synthesizer/sampler aficionados such as M83 and MSTRKRFT.

Watch the video for “Todo Lo Que No Mataste” below.

[insert-video youtube=25p7QIExf60]

Download VNRS’ Viernes below: