Meet Wagoner: Go Hard or Go Home (EP free download)

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Née: Kay, On-E-On & Picos
Raíces: Mexico City
Sounds like: walking into a rave right at its peak.
You should listen to Wagoner because… they can teach Deadmau5 a thing or two.

Do you feel like dancing? Here’s some hard-hitting techno that will kick your butt right into the middle of the dancefloor. Let me introduce you to, all the way from Mexico DF, this brand new trio named Wagoner.

So new are they, that they don’t even have a bio yet. In fact, we know absolutely nothing about two out of three of the members; they go by the peculiar, mysterious names of On E On and Picos and according to the third member, Kay, they have never participated in any previous music project that made it to the public.

Kay, we know him from NSM PSM, who we featured here in Remezcla not too long ago, and who many may remember as one of the live show DJs of Mexican Institute Of Sound for a while. So, basically Kay recruited these two other unknown guys who were apparently some sort of dance music geniuses and together they formed Wagoner.

There are no quirky nods to Latin music here, it’s just straight-up dancefloor-igniting techno madness, peak-of-the-night kind of stuff. The debut EP is being offered for free download for a limited time only. On July 16th they are having their proper release through all the usual digital vendors.

Go Hard or Go Home EP by WAG0NER