Meet: Warm Places, Creepy Yet Irresistible [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Né: Xavi Vilaplana
Raíces: The junkyard, Tijuana, México
Sounds like: A dark, fucked up but lively electronic party.
You should listen to Warm Places because…it’s well-written music made with contradictory elements.

There’s a menace that binds all of Warm Places’ tracks. Sometimes it’s lurking from behind, sometimes it’s right in front of you, in the form of a buzzing synth or a rattling bassline. But there’s also a deep love for vocal melodies throughout his songs. The duality is part of what makes this project one to watch out for.

From TJ with undefined intentions, Xavi Vilaplana has been making some great stuff for a number of years under different names. He got his start as Vermz, playing dark electronic industrial heavily influenced by Skinny Puppy. Later, he adopted the alias Sixties Guns which eventually morphed into a four piece band with members residing both in Tijuana and San Diego.

Last year saw the release of two EPs under his current guise. P A L A C I O S presents a shiny poppy indie dance display of the highest order, with a big retro 90s vibe reflected in techno goth sensibilities and big R&B-like vocals. For his 2.22 EP, Vilaplana went weirder, chopping and speeding up the diva vocals and using heavier synth sounds. It results in a creepy yet festive vibe that becomes irresistible the more you listen to it.

Warm Places is bringing its warped vision of a good time to All My Friends Music Festival in Rosarito this June. In the meantime, check out his music here.