Meet: Welcome to Janaki of Disco Pegaos' World of Club Music [CHL]

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Née: Juan Eyzaguirre.
Raíces: An ethereal party in Santiago de Chile.
Sounds like: Contemplative dance music. Electronic music with feelings.
You should listen to Janaki… If you like getting lost in your thoughts while a kick drum hits you in the chest. And because Discos Pegaos released it, of course.

Janaki’s debut EP, Melodías Humanas (2014, Discos Pegaos) starts with a 3:30 minutes intro featuring Charlie Chaplin’s speech on the movie The Great Dictator, on top of a droning ambiance and glittery synths. The intensity builds up and up, and finally, the bass kicks in, while an army of arpeggiated synthesizers slowly enter the picture. This is certainly the perfect way to enter Juan Eyzaguirre’s world. It’s a world of club music, yes, but it’s evident that the melodies, textures, and sounds are what make his music so special.

Eyzaguirre is a young producer from Santiago de Chile, and even though his musical output has been small so far, he’s been kicking the Chilean clubs for some time now. Among his releases, he contributes on the latest Discos Pegaos compilation titled Pegamentos, with “Coil,” an upbeat number where his melodic sensibilities feel 100% present. He’s also done remixes for fellow Chilean producers and labelmates Motivado & Kinetica, and 49 HRTZ.

This is music to close your eyes and dance to. Music with evocative and transportive qualities, rooted on house and techno, with some references to dub and ambient. The tracks sound stationary, but you can feel them in your body evolving as they develop. They have an undeniable uplifting vibe, deep kicks and infectious rhythms. Plus! You can get free downloads of it all on the label’s website.