Meet: Ynfynyt Scroll, More is More [USA]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

Né: Rodrigo Diaz
Raíces: Dallas, Texas
Sounds like: A mixture of genres spiced by a ton of different sounds for a unique dance floor experience.
You should listen to Ynfynyt Scroll because…he presents an interesting hybrid of styles that’s busy yet never messy.

Many DJs and producers nowadays are used to exploring a world of sounds and the sounds of the world, sometimes in the same mixtape. Diaz, as Ynfynyt Scroll, belongs in this camp. However, he is part of a new generation that not only marvels at the sounds it finds, but also tweaks them, carving new ways to make deep club music.

Rodrigo got started in the Dallas techno/industrial scene but soon he got interested in producing hip-hop. He then joined forces with Shooknite and AiR DJ, with whom he formed Track Meet to organize parties and release mixtapes. His latest solo release is the Drone Warfare EP, with which he hopes to evoke the fear and fatality of these government-employed killing machines.

Not too long ago, Scroll released a remix of “OG Bobby Johnson,” originally by Atlanta rapper Que. Having already heard Kap G’s version, we can attest to the track’s many life forms. For Diaz’s take, he leaves most of the elements of the original intact and adds synth blips and sound envelope sweeps to the mix, as well as the ubiquitous “dembow” beat characteristic of reggaeton, proving that hard electronics and Latin urban beats can collide with a little help from hip-hop.

Ynfynyt Scroll represents an artist who thinks “more is more,” taking cumbia, Southern rap, and bass to make something special; a representative from a rare species who makes it all work. An ordinary producer would fail miserably doing what Ynfynyt does.

Listen to his remix of “OG Bobby Johnson” below.