Free Download: Meketrefe – Beastie Boys' MCA Tribute Mixtape

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In light of the tragic loss of Beastie Boys’ member MCA (Adam Yauch) earlier this month, the fiercely talented Brooklyn-bred DJ Meketrefe created a collection of well interpreted Beastie Boy tracks to pay tribute to the late Hip Hop legend.

Meketrefe’s Beastie Boys tribute mixtape is genuinely impressive. The mixes are high quality and the levels are flawless. The second you hear the Latin-laced intro to the first track, “The Biz vs. The Nuge,” you know you are in for an entertaining ride.

All of the tracks on Meketrefe’s themed mixtape are lighthearted, humorous, and celebratory. He did Adam Yauch and The Beastie Boys justice with this appropriate, fun and tasteful tribute.

Meketrefe Tribute To Beastie Boys’ Legend Adam Yauch “MCA” by Meketrefe255