FREE Halloween / Day of the Dead Mixtape by Meketrefe

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Mexico via Brooklyn’s Meketrefe brings us an exclusive FREE Day of the Dead (Remezcla NY Edition) for your Halloween nightmares. Starting off with a “big bad wolf”-esque howling beat, the mix quickly goes into a strange horn rhythm with a sped up tempo. There’s also a catchy Gwen Stefani laser remix that sounds like it was actually remixed with lasers, by Major Lazer.

Then comes a happy birthday song in which the birthday boy requests simply a “big booty hoe.” The Brillz and Diplo remix is great too which then turns into a “Sweet Dreams” tribal remix by Alan Rosales and Javier Estrada. Soon after, Meketrefe “pumps up the jam” towards a Dr. Dre moombahton remix, to then my personal favorite tune on this mixtape: Major Lazor’s “Original Don” remixed by Flosstradamus.

Halfway through this comes an ethereal, atmospheric backing track that quickly leads to a drinker’s tune (which is appropriate just in time to urge you to keep drinking even though you feel like puking from hitting up all those Halloween/Day of the Dead parties). The mix finally wraps up with Meketrefe’s own song featuring Simpson Ahuevo about a “Yellow Burger” that teaches you more than how to count in Spanish (if you wanna know what that more is, watch the video).

Meketrefe Day of the Death Mixtape (REMEZCLA NY EDITION) by El Meketrefe

Download this FREE Halloween / Day of the Dead Mixtape by Meketrefe, which is the perfect soundtrack to your rowdy, spooky night.